Sustainability Journal

April 2015 Issue (files are in PDF format)

Rapid Start Up for Exergy Stores

Exergy stores are "charged up" with heat during the summer and where the electricity is supplied by hydro the exergy storage is fuelled by the spring river surges but nonetheless their start up time can be less than one day at all times of the year.

Reckless choice

The Ontario government is ignoring the fugitive emission from natural gas pipelines and also the leakage from the ground (and groundwater) that will occur with the pending shift to imported shale gas. The article explains why this is a reckless choice.

How Much Natural Gas do we Have Left? (Mark Anthony, from Seeking Alpha)

Even if you completely ignore the huge amount of GHG that will be released by fracking, shale gas does not offer a long term, or even a short term solution. That puts Ontario in an extremely precarious position because of our dependence on natural gas and it puts shale gas producing provinces like BC in a similarly untenable position.

National Climate Change Program

Some of the Provinces are taking the first steps towards developing a national strategy for a Canadian response to the climate change challenge. Canada is supposed to have a plan ready by June in preparation for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, Nov. 30 to June 11, 2015. It will be very difficult to justifly the neglect, lost opportunties and empty posturing, especially considering the ease with which Canada could have been a world leader.