Sustainability Journal

January 2013 Issue (files are in PDF format)

Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report (Volume 2) - Ontario Environmental Commissioner

Astonishingly, this report completely ignores the use of the heat that is presently being wasted when it is extracted from buildings by their AC systems. Thermal storage makes it possible to put that enormous energy source to good use, and at a very modest cost. In Ontario we use fossil fuels to heat our homes and to power our cars, fouling the atmosphere with both CO2 and pollution, but we use CO2-free nuclear and hydro power for our electricity. Why then does the Environmental Commissioner concentrate almost exclusively on the subject of conserving electricity???

Renewable Heat Policy and Technology

The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition in cooperation with the Canadian Solar Industries Association is holding a workshop in Toronto on Jan 31, 2013. Financial support is being provided by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office. PDF PPT

Concentric store for solar plus air-source systems

Systems that integrate the storage of both solar and air-source heat offer a means of reducing the cost and improving the performance.

Future Atmospheric Energy systems

A first look at how AE systems might evolve over the coming two decades to become Canada's primary source of energy, including a solution to meeting our needs for electricity.