AE System Tests

The Atmospheric Energy (AE) system installed in Kingston ON is performing as predicted. Test results will be presented at the 2nd Climate Change Technology Conference at McMaster University on May 13, 2009. In the meantime the following summarizes the results.

Addendum (May17) – PDF file of slides for the McMaster paper

Heat extraction rate – 20.0 kW (backup electric heat – 15 kW)

Borehole depth – 20 meters (quartzite)

Borehole extraction power – 192 watts per metre

COP 4.3

Injection flow rate – 16 US gallons per minute (1.01 l/s) Grundfos specification. (Not yet calibrated.)

Extraction flow rate – > 16 US gallons per minute (Not yet measured)

Injection starts at 15 degrees C (800 watts)

Injection is cyclical at higher temperatures, starting with a high rate and then falling to a more stable value as the ground warms. The following day the ground is cooler so the cycle repeats from a new base.

Injection rate at 22.5 degrees C – 14.9 kW per borehole, convection heating (early in the spring) Δt=3.53°

Injector pump+fan power – 40 watts (avg. during injection season, fan ON)

The demonstration system uses the “auto balance” capability to eliminate the need to monitor the heat input to control the cutoff point. Ground heat contributes a part of the net heat with that share changing according to the heat withdrawn during the previous heating season.

Sources of heat: Injection – 17,000 kWh, Ground Heat – 5000 kWh*, Electricity for heat pump – 5000 kWh

Total annual supply – 27,000 kWh (estimated from data for the previous oil furnace. The AE system could supply more if it is needed). Injecting 17,000 kWh of heat into the defined volume will increase the ground temperature by an average of 4.3 degrees C.