Sustainability Journal

March 2010 Issue (files are in PDF format)

Climate Change Consequences

Most people are familiar with the basic mechanism that is causing our climate but do not understand the implications of what is happening. The consequences fall somewhere in between a global catastrophe and weather changes that are merely inconvenient. Here is an article that tries to assess some of those implications.

AE for Large Buildings

A recreation complex to be built in Kanata, Ontario, illustrates how an AE system could eliminate the production of CO2 and could at the same time reduce the power consumption where improvements in the efficiency for air conditioning and hot water heating outweigh the power demand of the heat pumps.

How AE Can Reduce Power Demand

About half of Canada's homes use electricity for heating. Switching those homes to AE will make a huge amount of power available for other applications. It will also reduce the winter and summer peak demands, eliminating the need for expensive expansions of the distribution grid and improving the efficiency of the generation systems.