Sustainability Journal

March 2015 Issue (files are in PDF format)

Natural Gas Pipelines - R.I.P.

We should not be building natural gas pipelines. The existing power grid can handle energy distribution in a much more efficient and inexpensive way, and it can use hydro power, fossil fuel energy or nuclear power. Canada's hydro facilities would require only minor modifications to meet all of our needs for energy for buildings and the power grid so we don't need the natural gas or nuclear power anyway.

Matching the power output and the river flow

For most of the year the power that could be extracted from our rivers can be very efficiently utilized, but in the late summer and fall some fine tuning will be needed. However, the bigger problem is that we will need real reforms, not just fine tuning, in our energy management administrations.

Storing Exergy in the Ground: An Effective Use of the Environment

By Ron Tolmie and Marc A. Rosen. From Research Journal of Environmental Sciences. An outline showing how the Atmospheric Energy storage concept was adapted to include storage of electricity as well as heat.

Ontario abandons GHG reduction targets

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has issued a 2015 discussion paper on the Ontario government's measures to combat climate changes. The upshot is that the government has abandoned any expectation that its previously set targets are achievable. The LTEP proposes that Ontario will continue to use fossil fuels as its principal source of energy and will be satisfied with token GHG reduction measures that will result in emissions that are at least 165 Mt greater than the target of 35 Mt.