Sustainability Journal

May 2013 Issue (files are in PDF format)

Peaking power stations vs. storage

A collection of slides for a May 10 presentation at Hydro Ottawa. Some of the slides were previously shown at a joint CANSIA-GeoExchange Coalition conference at the University of Toronto and at the annual meeting of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition at Simon Fraser University. Electricity storage can flatten the power load peaks and valleys, handle intermittent power sources, accumulate electricity (exergy) when it is cheap and deliver it when the value is higher, and achieve demand reduction without the need to sacrifice income. It provides a much less expensive means of coping with peak power demands compared to the use of peaking power plants.

Canada's report to the UN on 2011 GHG emissions

National Energy Board - Energy Futures 2013

A review of the NEB Energy Futures 2013 report

The report fails to meet two of its three objectives. The third objective was to stimulate discussion - hopefully the claims being made by the NEB will be challenged at the upcoming meeting (May 30 at the Government Conference Centre) and in the future. (The review is a first draft - please forward suggestions to