New Bus Services

A new bus route will go into effect on June 26, 2005. The new Route 164 will run from Cadence Gate in Bridlewood along Eagleson Rd. to Campeau Drive in Beaverbrook and then on to the Terry Fox station. It will run from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturdays. No Sunday service.

There will be service after 11:30 PM on Route 160 on weekdays and Saturday (after 11 on Sundays). No further details.

There will be service after 11 PM on Route 161 on weekdays


The existing Route 160 should be modified so that it will use Campeau instead of Beaverbrook Rd. This would enable residents from all of Kanata North to link to the new Route 164 to get to the Hazeldean Mall, the Park n Ride, etc. It would also provide a sorely missed north-south service within Beaverbrook, plus much better services to the library, rink, Mlacak Centre, Seniors' Centre, Village Green and E of M high school. There are no homes on Beaverbrook Rd. Most people use the stops at both ends of Beaverbrook Rd., which would continue to be serviced by Route 160. Route 165 will continue to loop through Beaverbrook so the loss of the two rarely used stops along Beaverbrook will be a comparatively minor consideration. This change would add a couple of minutes to the route time, but it would be a major convenience and improvement for many people with only minor negative consequences.

The new Route 164 should run on Sundays, especially as the 165 does not run on Sundays which leaves a large number of people with no bus service whatsoever. It should turn left into the Centrum at the Signature Centre entrance rather than at Kanata Ave, and travel through the center of the Centrum to the Centrum Transit Station. This would provide much better service for people going to the Signature Centre, the Canadian Tire/Staples area, and to most of the stores in the Centrum. The new Terry Fox Station is an extremely inconvenient stop for Centrum shoppers so this routing will be very popular. This is another good reason why the 164 should run on Sundays.

If the 160 route is modified to run to Campeau then the 165 route could be modified to circle along Penfield Drive, restoring some service to that area, which includes a seniors' residence. The 165 route is very short so this slight increase in its length should be readily feasible.