Sustainability Journal

October 2009 Issue (files are in PDF format)

AE-Street systems

A description of community Atmospheric Energy systems and their applications.

A Quick GHG Solution

AE-Street systems offer a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of how to handle the heat (and the CO2 production) related to large buildings that use a lot of information and communications technology equipment. At the same time the AE-Street systems can also store massive amounts of energy from wind farms and even from nuclear reactors in a cost effective way, pointing the way to the elimination of the use of fossil fuels in the buildings sector for power as well as for heating and cooling.

Power sans CO2

AE-Street systems provide the basis for eliminating nearly all of the GHG generated by the buildings sector. The largest reduction is achieved by replacing fuels for heating applications but the energy storage capacity of the AE systems makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively replace the use of fossil fuels for power generation as well.

AE-Street Storage

The potential for injecting energy from the grid and from ICT buildings simplifies the deployment of AE-Street systems on a large scale.

AE-Street Specifications

The first generation of AE-Street systems can make it possible to deliver up to 500 kW (per site) of extra power from other renewable energy sources in addition to providing the heat for up to 50 homes per site. It utilizes the same components as are used in the existing AE system in Kingston.