Seasonal Storage of Heat and Cold

HEAT networks - A large scale source of clean energy

28 Feb./06 - Response to the Ontario Power Authority recommendations

Table of Contents

1 - Using winter's cold and summer's heat

2 - Review of the technical feasibility of seasonal storage

3 - Carbon dioxide production with various scenarios

4 - HEAT networks storage module

5 - Generating electric power (Concepts for achieving sustainability)

6 - The role of combustible fuels

7 - Sustainability and Achievability

8 - Is Nuclear Power Inevitable?

9 - Proposal to City of Ottawa - Assembling a team

0 - Historical background articles

        Uranium Availability

        See also Nuclear Industry Response re. Uranium Reserves

        and articles by Storm van Leeuwen and Mobbs

        Seasonal Storage Capacity

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Ron Tolmie

The seasonal heat storage facility under the campus of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa consists of 384 boreholes that are 213 metres deep.